What is g-beauty cosmetics and why is the future behind it?
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If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then the skin is the mirror of our intestines and the body as a whole. It is on the skin that the first signs of hormonal disruption, malnutrition and aging of the body appear. Therefore, it is imperative to observe proper skin care. But which products to choose among the whole variety of beauty products?

Recently, the whole world was covered by Korean cosmetics, or k-beauty. She suggested innovative formulas and multi-level care. Now, among cosmetologists, dermatologists and celebrities, a new trend has appeared – g-beauty, or German cosmetics.

What is g-beauty?

G-beauty is a care product created in Germany and Austria. The main advantage of this cosmetics is its simple and clear organic composition. According to the ideology of g-beauty, daily care should be concise and consist only of funds, the result of which is noticeable to everyone.

Skin care

Skin Care © depositphotos.com

Why is g-beauty cosmetics so popular?

According to The New York Times, over the past year, sales of German cosmetic brands in the United States grew 19%. This is due to the fact that many g-beauty products have scientific research behind them, and on the majority of packages the name of the doctor responsible for these studies is indicated. Users are tired of brands advertised by influencers and try to trust only confirmed facts.


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In Europe, they are very careful about the ingredients of cosmetic products. If the US bans the use of 11 ingredients in cosmetics, the EU blacklisted 1,328 substances. German cosmetics formulas are controlled by the EU Cosmetic Safety Committee. The composition of the products includes natural ingredients such as calendula, rose and lavender.

Manufacturers of German cosmetics rely on efficiency, not bright packaging. Therefore, all g-beauty brands have simple packaging without any frills.

The only drawback of German cosmetics is its price. On average, one tool will have to pay about $ 200.

Which g-beauty brands are worth looking at?

Dr barbara sturm

The brand was founded by German doctor Barbara Stum. Orthopedic surgeon by profession, she previously developed rehabilitation programs for athletes and drugs for the treatment of joints. The cosmetics line of Dr Barbara Sturm includes serum with hyaluronic acid, sunscreen “drops”, highlighter serum for radiant skin, ampoules and several creams based on natural ingredients.

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Our Darker Skin Tones line was sold out and is finally back in stock! ⁣✨ ⁣ #DrBarbaraSturm’s entire medical career has been devoted to treating the consequences of inflammation. Dr. Sturm created the Darker Skin Tone line because of the specific dermatological challenges of more melanin-active skin, including a heightened sensitivity to inflammation. Sun exposure, acne, or even a scratch or insect bite can trigger skin discoloration known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to darker skin. ⁣ ⁣ Dr. Sturm’s Darker Skin Tone line has been heralded for its use of gentle but potent ingredient science that heals, nourishes, hydrates, combats oxidative stresses, and reduces the visible signs of irritation on the skin, including uneven skin tone. ⁣ ⁣ Lumicol, derived from micro-algae, lightens hyperpigmentation. Telovitin, based on Nobel Prize winning research, combines with anti-aging powerhouse Purslane to promote fundamental skin health. Magnolia Bark Extract calms irritation, and Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract is a soothing anti-oxidant that provides pore-refining astringency. My formulation of Hyaluronic Acid binds over 1,000 times its weight in water across skin layers, boosting skin barrier protection. Honakiol is another natural anti-oxidant that soothes and clears skin from the visible signs of irritation. ⁣ ⁣ Love your skin.✨ #SturmGlow

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The BABOR brand was created by Dr. Michael Babur and started with hydrophilic oil to cleanse the skin. Now the brand has its own laboratory, and the line of care products includes ampoules with a high concentration of active ingredients, 2 serums, 3 creams of different densities, an eyelid and night mask based on stem cells, rose extract and special ingredients that activate the "youth genes " All components of the funds enhance each other's actions, creating unique products. BABOR cosmetics are suitable for all skin types.

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Royal fern

Royal Fern products are based on a fern plant. The brand’s creator, German dermatologist Timm Golyuke, along with chemist Leonard Tsastrov spent four years studying the properties of fern, the first plant to leave the sea and based on land, a keeper of moisture in forests and a plant that is resistant to sunlight. Royal Fern cosmetics contains retinol, vitamin C, flavonoids, hyaluronic acid, the effectiveness of which has been proven by laboratory studies. The brand’s product line includes anti-aging serum, cream for the skin around the eyes, hair growth product, cleansing balm and two creams with a light and dense texture.

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#RoyalFernSkincare @theconservatorynyc 🌿 @ hudsonyards #RoyalFern # TheConservatoryNYC # hudsonyards # hellohudsonyards # patentedskincare

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