When is it better to play sports: in the morning or in the evening?
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Question-answer: when is it better to go in for sports? © depositphotos.com

Many girls go in for sports not only for weight loss, but also to tighten the body, as well as strengthen their health. Some train in the evening, while others are more active in the morning. But when is the best time to exercise: morning or evening?

Specialists and fitness trainers recommend listening to yourself, and not the advice of others. But what does this mean? So, for example, if it’s hard for you to get up in the morning, and in the evening you have more than enough strength, your sports watch is evening. If, by nature, you are a “lark”, and after work you fall down, it is better to play sports in the morning.

Pros of doing sports in the morning

metabolism accelerates;
intense fat burning occurs;
adds vitality and energy for the whole day;
early loads provide comfort and protection against overeating during the day;
there is minimal risk of injury.

Cons of doing sports in the morning

there is a load on the heart and blood vessels due to the fact that in the morning the blood is thicker;
training on an empty stomach will be short-lived;
the nervous system is inhibited, the lungs are narrowed, so you need to cheer up a light workout in the morning.


Question-answer: when is it better to go in for sports? © depositphotos.com

Evening Workout: Pros

metabolic processes are accelerated;
calorie consumption will continue at night, which means that weight loss is secure;
stress and nervous stress relief for the whole day.

Evening Workout: Cons

after training, you will want to drink and eat a lot, as a result of which you eat more than necessary;
fatigue after a working day;
if the classes are intense enough, this can interfere with a quiet sleep.

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