Why does skin age and how to restore youth to it, or Collagen – 911 for your skin
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Why does skin age and how to restore youthfulness, or Collagen – 911 for your skin © Avon

Skin aging is a natural process that is not so easy to manage. Most girls make many mistakes, neglecting leaving in their youth. Youth passes, and the habit of falling asleep with makeup or bypassing skin-stimulating skin products remains.

But what, apart from bad beauty habits and genetics, causes aging of the skin? Why doesn’t even genetics save and with age does the skin lose elasticity? Can this elasticity be returned?

We tried to figure out what is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin and found a way to prolong our youth without resorting to magical rituals and witchcraft.

Causes of Skin Aging

In order to deal with the consequences, you need to focus on the cause. Your skin may age due to the following factors:

heredity and skin type are one of the first reasons wrinkles appear. For example, owners of thin and dry skin are characterized by the early appearance of the first wrinkles;

a weak blood flow, which is rather difficult to stimulate if you do not do regular facial massages, also does not affect the skin condition in the best way;

eating habits, because our face betrays our addictions to sweet, starchy and devoid of antioxidants;

bad habits do not pass unnoticed, which means cigarettes will “print” on your face, giving it a gray tint, and alcohol will cause the appearance of bursting vessels;

the sun, of course, evens out the tone of the face (if you are sunbathing correctly), only lovers to run out into the sun without special protective equipment need to get used to the idea that their skin will age much earlier than they expected;

collagen production from 29 years old to 80 years old is reduced by 75%.

Why does skin age and how to restore youth to it, or Collagen - 911 for your skin

Why does skin age and how to restore youthfulness, or Collagen – 911 for your skin © Avon

Why doesn’t even genetics save and with age does the skin lose elasticity?

Where the active production of collagen ends and all the fun begins.

Collagen is the basis of healthy skin, a protein of connective tissue, which makes up almost a third of the total protein mass in the body.

Collagen is composed of amino acids (glycine, proline, lysine, hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine). The main source of collagen is food (liver, beef, dairy products). When a protein enters the body, it breaks down to building amino acids, after which the processes of collagen resynthesis begin.

What are the functions of collagen?

Protecting muscles from mechanical damage (sprains, tears);
Cell regeneration;
Giving elasticity to the connective tissues of internal organs;
Inhibition of cancers in the skin.

Why do we lose collagen and skin begins to age?

After 25-30 years in the body, the process of collagen destruction prevails over the process of its formation. This happens whether you eat a lot of liver and beef or not at all. The vessels become thinner, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear, and then sagging (this is especially noticeable on the woman’s neck).

Avon Protinol Serum

Serum Avon Protinol © Avon

How to stimulate collagen production and restore youthful skin?

Remember, we said we won’t turn to sorcerers? Magic is powerless here, but the competent use of knowledge in the field of biology is definitely needed.

The human body can recreate the collagen protein on its own from certain "building materials", and for this it needs amino acids.

Of course, you can look for amino acids in food and pharmacy vitamins (like fish oil in capsules). But the most effective way is cosmetics that work on the skin not only superficially.


Protinol is the world's first amino acid that activates two types of collagen – the first and third. The new component became the basis for the creation of Innovation face serum with Protinol technology. Product developed using Avon's proprietary * technology.

The structure and density of the epidermis are restored at the cellular level.

The skin becomes smooth, wrinkles are smoothed out from the inside, says Avon expert, dermatologist-cosmetologist Tatyana Chernysheva

There are no equal analogues in efficiency in the world. According to ** 86% of women who participated in the testing of face serum “Innovation” with Protinol technology, the skin of the face really became more elastic and fresh.

Avon Protinol Serum

Serum Avon Protinol © Avon

Serum Avon Protinol: an innovative cosmetic product with collagen

The product is available in ampoules of 1.3 ml: 7 pieces for 7 days. The ampoules are polymer, not glass, they are safe and easy to open.

How to use anti-wrinkle?

Every day after make-up removal and skin cleansing for a week, the contents of the ampoules should be applied to the face, neck and decollete.

As noted by women who have already used it, the funds are really enough to apply to these parts of the body. After rubbing into the skin, you need to use a day or night cream. To improve the effect, it is recommended to use Avon's Anew series products.

After a week, a noticeable improvement in skin condition is observed ***: seven days of a course of serum, collagen lost in seven years is renewed. The composition is suitable for any type of skin and gently affects it. To form a lasting effect, the procedure should be carried out once a month.

Avon Protinol Serum

Serum Avon Protinol © Avon

Be the first to appreciate Avon Youth Ampoules.

Product on sale from March 27 on the site.

* ANEW technology is patented in 18 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.

** Based on those who expressed their opinion in the study No. 19-070 with the participation of 119 women.

*** Based on In Vitro research, scientific literature, and ingredient composition.

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