Wild Beauty: 10 quotes by Alexander McQueen
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On February 11, 2010, British designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide by breaking his life at the age of 40. He was called a genius, and at the same time he was hard to cope with external pressure that had fallen in fame and could not survive the departure of his mother.

Alexander McQueen

Vogue.ua recalls quotes from an unbearable British who will help to better understand his character and attitude to the world.

Alexander McQueen

I read fashion books from the age of 12, followed the careers of fashion designers. I knew that Giorgio Armani started as a window dresser, and Emanuel Ungaro as a tailor

Alexander McQueen, 1996

I spent a lot of time learning how to design clothes, which is very important before you start to deconstruct

Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2010/2011

Designer clothes should not be disposable. I want to create things that are inherited as family property

Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2009/2010

I don't have a cocktail party here. I prefer people to leave my shows and feel sick

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 1999

Scotland for me is a harsh, cold and fierce place. I hate it when people romanticize her. There is nothing romantic in the history of Scotland

Savage Beauty Exhibition

Beauty can come from the most unexpected places, sometimes even very disgusting, and I always hesitate between life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil

Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 1998

I think that there should be sexuality in the background. Clothing needs to be a little vicious. There is something secret in romantic fragility

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2010

You leaf through all these magazines, and everything is there, always, only about beautiful people. And I would change the people I work with to supermodels. In my opinion, they are truly beautiful, and I just want them to be treated the same as the rest

Announcement of the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Birds in flight fascinate me. I admire falcons and hawks, I am inspired by the feather – its graphics, weightlessness, its structure. This is such a thoroughly thought out thing. In fact, I'm trying to transfer the beauty of a bird to a woman

Alexander McQueen, 2006

It is important to face death, because it is part of life. The sad thing, melancholy, but at the same time romantic. This is the end of the cycle – everything should someday end. This course of life is positive because it makes room for new things.

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