Worst images of stars at the Oscars 2020
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Worst images of stars at the Oscars 2020 © gettyimages.com

You can’t just take it and don’t screw it up at Oscar 2020. Neither the fashionable failures of your colleagues in the shop, nor the advice of stylists, nor the fear of a hat teach stars. Insurance against the worst image of 2020 gets only Billy Porter, who looks great literally in any outfit. The other actors and guests of the Oscars 2020 were much less fortunate.

Every step of highly paid actors, screenwriters and directors is traditionally watched by the whole world. Peering into uneven seams and checking the price tags on the worst outfits of stars at the Oscars 2020 will be both experts and amateurs to find fault (that is, all people who have the Internet).

While you were considering the best outfits of stars at Oscars 2020, and the shops on Ali Express have already begun to sew the same dresses as Natalie Portman, we have collected the worst images of stars at Oscars 2020. We look, laugh, make memes.

Saoirse Ronan: Oscar 2020

Saoirse Ronan has not received the long-awaited Oscar for the fourth time. But, judging by the sidelines, the main character of Little Women was not going to go up on stage. I just came to sit.

Saoirse Ronan Oscar 2020

Saoirse Ronan Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Margot Robbie: Oscar 2020

We love Margot Robbie, but we already hate her stylist. Although, perhaps Robbie put on such a plain dress so as not to look too pretty against other people.

Margot Robbie Oscar 2020

Margot Robbie Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Penelope Cruz: Oscar 2020

Penelope with a white flower on the dress clearly hinted to someone that it was time to give the lady a bouquet. Or mixed up events. But the back of the dress looked pretty pretty.

Penelope Cruz Oscar 2020

Penelope Cruz Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Caitlin Dever: Oscar 2020

The star of "Education" clearly skipped classes at a fashion school and a dress from Louis Vuitton did not correct the situation. The girl in the photo is only 23 years old, but we will give her … In general, let her grow up and work out a good taste.

Caitlin Dever Oscar 2020

Caitlin Dever Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Katrina Balf: Oscar 2020

Well, just not. The best illustration for an incorrectly selected wardrobe, which greatly spoils the figure. And even what kind of supermodel are you, in this outfit is only for the first date, which will end in nothing.

Katrina Balf Oscar 2020

Katrina Balf Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Kristen Anderson-Lopez: Oscar 2020

Composer Kristen Anderson-Lopez was clearly going to run somewhere after the Oscars, which is why she put on very comfortable shoes. Combining her with a rather strange dress was not the best decision. But her songs for "Frozen" are known to millions of children in all corners of the world.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez Oscar 2020

Kristen Anderson-Lopez Oscar 2020 © gettyimages.com

Do not miss what appeared at the ceremony of Billy Elish. Also sneakers, but much prettier.


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