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Yacht Charter Greece – holidays and emotions

Greece is a country with a long history and cultural traditions. That is why it is so attractive to tourists from around the world. There is something to see: the ruins of the antique temples, sculptures, columns and, of course, the sea. All this allows travelers to experience the history of the country, but only a boat trip to nearby Islands will give the opportunity to feel the romance of the ancient country. Yacht Charter in Greece from 380€ / 7 days offers the tourist Agency “Kruiz Yachting”, which will help to organize an unforgettable trip.

Features cruise tours in Greece
Greece and all its Islands surrounded by myths and legends about the Olympic gods and heroes. So most people, having the opportunity to visit the country, aim to learn more about these legends. The best way to enjoy a holiday and visit the Saronic Islands is to take a cruise on the Aegean sea in Greece.

A yacht cruise in Greece

The tourist Agency “Kruiz Yachting” organizes weekly tours of the open sea on a yacht Bavaria 42. The tour includes visits to the following Islands:

  • Quintos – here you will find virgin nature, calm coves, unspoiled beaches and hot springs;
  • Paros – previously, this island was a trade center, but today it is very popular among tourists and boaters;
  • Syros there is the theatre of Apollo, and the island itself is a place of shooting of numerous movies;
  • Mykonos – this picturesque island will surprise visitors with its picturesque FORTS and architectural complexes;
  • Kea is considered a suburb of Athens, since it is located very close to the mainland of Greece. Popular among tourists and divers who are attracted by the breathtaking underwater scenery.

Cruises on the yacht from “Kruiz Yachting”
The tourist Agency “Kruiz Yachting” organizes cruise tours in Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries.

The organization provides a large variety of cruise tours on comfortable and safe boats. Quality service and the best prices of the tours that attracts many tourists.

With “Kruiz Yachting” you can plunge into the history of Greece, to enjoy the sea, relax, swim in secluded bays and visit the legends of the island.

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