You're in friend zone: how to understand that a guy wants to be just a friend
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You are in the friend zone: how to understand that the guy just wants to be your friend ©

Of course, we know that you are smart, beautiful, funny and sexy. You do not get used to the attention of men, many want to go with you for at least three dates (even if you already had sex), and some dream of not just being friends.

And now you meet a guy (not necessarily the day before yesterday), with whom you find it ridiculous to colic, incredibly easy and interesting together. In addition, he is also sexy. "It's a match!" – sounds in your head while he tells you that he went on a date with an exact copy of Mila Kunis.

You are trying with all your might to understand what is wrong with you when you just had to admit that you are in the friend zone.

Since you are used to the schemes in which you find yourself the one who offers "just being friends" – there is no point in talking about them anew. But we must tell you about his obvious attempts to muffle your attraction.

You're in the friend zone: how to understand that the guy just wants to be your friend

He often tells you about those he likes.

It is not necessary to be the brightest mind of mankind to notice his attempts to outline the clear boundaries of your relationship. If he asks you how to react to her messages / what does red lipstick mean on a girl on a first date / what kind of jokes normal women don’t like – he quite a bit (very obviously) hints that you will not become more than friends. At least for now.

He initiates meetings less and less.

It’s clear that you already called him a hundred times to the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, not only because Tarantino is your favorite director. You know that, the girl who always sells you tickets, that’s what he knows. In order not to spoil anything and not to lose a cool girlfriend, he simply must slow down.

He is trying to avoid personal topics.

A quarrel with your mom, a problem at work or a drama in your personal life is out of your attention? So he sends you signals that he doesn’t want to get closer. And along with the signals, and another meme.

He is often selfish

You can’t have any plans if he urgently needs to drink cider or set up an ideal account in Tinder. Moreover, if you ask for help, he will quickly evaporate / go to work for three days / will save the planet.

He says you’re like a sister to him.

The most painless and easiest way to tell a person that you are not planning anything serious is to call him a relative. In the most terrible scenario, he will generally say that you "take care of him like a mother."

Attempts to leave the friend zone often end in failure, but we believe that you will soon find another object of adoration, and your friend can finally be just your friend.

If you still decide to "make friends," but don’t want to date, read the 5 rules for sex friends.


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